Established in october 2017, Atelier Droeven focuses on the making of beautiful book covers for urban fantasy, paranormal, romance and mystery books. Each premade/custom book cover has been made carefully choosing the best stock images to create outstanding pieces. Most of them are made with 2-3 stock models to make a new and unique model. Elements such as lights, lensflares, textures, brushes, and painted hair are also used. All the editorial designs are exclusive, which means once you purchase a design, it won’t be available for anyone else.

I do custom book covers and if you’re interested in one, please send me an email:


Additional note: Please understand that i’m 100% dedicated to this bussiness and takes me a lot of time on designing a premade book cover. I can spent one – two days finding and working on the model and another two days making the background. Same with custom designs because I want you to be happy with the final results.

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