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Unless otherwise requested, Bill M. Tracer Studio will provide your professionally prepared book cover design in the following standard image formats and sizes/resolutions:


  • .jpg, .png, or .psd file type {please indicate preference}
  • standard e-book format {1600×2400 pixels 72 dpi}  and
  • standard paperback format 6×9 {1800×2700 pixels 300 dpi}


Different formats can be provided, upon request at the time of purchasing. Upon purchasing, also please provide the following for inclusion on the cover:


  • Book Title
  • Author Name
  • Optional tag line or text


Tailoring requests about fonts, font colors, or position of text elements can be made for this book cover design. If you prefer a font other than that displayed with this design, please be specific and ask in the beginning at the time of purchasing. If your chosen font is not a common font, you will need to provide the true type file. If you wish to do your own text work, images can be provided in both standard sizes without text. But please specify in the beginning, which file type you want, .jpg, .png, or .psd for the final images, and if you will need anything other than the standard e-book and paperback image formats. All such non-standard requests must be made upon initial contact, upon your purchase. Tailoring this book cover design does not include any modification of the actual art. If you’re looking for a fully custom book cover design, with art specific to your story, email me at and we’ll work out an arrangement.


Your purchase gives you exclusive rights to this specific premade book cover design as cover art. And Bill M. Tracer Studio will never again sell this specific premade cover design for the purposes of cover art to any other client.


Upon completion of your purchase and any specified text work, Bill M. Tracer Studio will deliver your personalized image file, of the file type you specify, {.jpg, .png, or .psd}, to you by e-mail. If nothing custom is specified, you will receive the standard e-book format, and standard paperback format in the .jpg file type, with the text information you provide, or without text if you choose to not provide such information.

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