(cover created by the extremely talented Miss-deviantE)

Welcome to my book cover shop! 

Being a librarian by profession, I’ve spent my entire life loving books. In the last decade I’ve become a writer, and most recently I’ve become a graphic artist. Because I’m a bookworm¬†and an author, I have a unique understanding of the importance cover art plays in attracting readers.

While that saying, “Never judge a book by its cover” definitely has some merit, I can’t help but feel that a book’s cover needs to be just as compelling to the eye as the words inside it are to the mind and heart.

Each of my covers is unique and all were inspired by a particular stock that caught my eye. Therefore, you will find a variety of genres in my shop.

You can see all of my artistic work (original art, stock photography, fanart, and other book covers) on my DEVIANT ART ACCOUNT.

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