Welcome to my book cover shop! 

Being a librarian by profession, I’ve spent my entire life loving books. In the last decade I’ve become a writer, and most recently I’ve become a graphic artist.  You will find a variety of genres in my shop.

Each of my covers is a unique design, and once sold will not be offered for sale again. However, be aware that I cannot guarantee that the particular stock images used in your cover won’t ever be used again, either by me or another artist.

Your unique text (title, penname, taglines) will be added at no additional charge.  Covers with models are sold AS IS, meaning I will not change hair or clothing color. I can do full wrap print covers for Kindle Direct Publishing (using CreateSpace) based off of the ebook cover, however that will be $60 extra.

For ebooks, I ask that cover art credit be given to DLR Designs when your work is made available online. If it’s for a print book, cover art credit needs to be given on the copyright page.

You can see all of my artistic work on my DEVIANT ART ACCOUNT.

I also do custom full wrap print covers (price negotiable!) Here are some examples of my sold covers on Amazon:


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