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Looking for a unique, eye-catching and quality premade book cover at an affordable price? Then you’re most definitely in the right place! RedHoudini Works offers various types of covers, depending on the genre and the things that inspired them. Full book covers (including spine and back) aren’t part of a regular offer but they are most certainly an option too. If you are interested in that or any other matter concerning RedHoudini Works, feel free to contact me at or fill out the enquiry below the covers.


Has it happened that you wanted a certain design, but when you decided to purchase it,
it was already out of stock? No problem! RedHoudini Works offers custom made covers as well,
which are just as affordable and unique. You can get a brand new design fast!

What do you need to do to get a custom made design?
Visit my official website and get more info!

Can’t find a suitable design?
Look up MORE covers on the official website or Instagram.


(NOTE: once you purchase a cover, it will be removed from the offer and
marked as sold
on all the social media, including IG)


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