Story Wrappers – Premade and Custom Book Covers


What We Do

Covers made for genre niches that are affordable? Media that matches all my branding? Developmental services with reader sensitivity. Yes, that’s what we do. It’s all the grit and gloss every story needs to come out a gem.

About Premade Covers

Every image is brought together by digital compositions, painting, and effects using the best programs for digital creation. With how versatile they are, you can find the quality of a custom design with a lower price point!

Included in Every Order:

  • JPEG Ready for Uploading Upon Delivery
  • Premium Fonts
  • Stock Image Licensed for 250k or More
  • Genre-Niche Designed for Maximum Attraction


Add Ons:

  • $85 – Print Ready Cover
  • $35 – Audio Book Cover
  • $10 – 3-D Image Mockup


What if I Need Something Else?

View the premade cover gallery below, or contact me with any requests. I’m happy to fulfill more genres that are in need of covers! If you would like a custom cover, feel free to message me. This might be what is best for a trilogy or series. Prices for custom covers are $240 per ebook which you can order at Story WrappersPlease check out our premade gallery below, and let me know if you need anything. I appreciate your time and upload new covers each week. Thank you!

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