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Design Services
Although pre-made, the covers presented in my shop should be regarded as templates, on which you can base your own ideas. If you would like something else entirely, please feel free to say so. If I feel the request is a bit out of scope I will get back to you with a reasonable price.

Tegnemaskin - illustration and graphic design

You can buy the illustration (non-exclusive worldwide rights) without any text objects, or commission a brand-new and unique illustration (exclusive license). I can work according to your sketches, references or preferences.

Series/ Sets:
Book-series are not uncommon. Books grouped by the same look and feel, or packaged in sets, makes a collection. Collectors and fans find that very attractive. Please let me know what you need.

Author/ Brand Logos:
Some authors have their own logo or wordmark, or a brand logo for a series. If you’re interested in your own symbols let’s discuss ideas.

What you get from me:
+ The cover design as presented on this page unless you have additional requests. I replace the placeholder text with yours.
+ You’ll receive a unique cover that will never ever be sold again. I only ask to showcase it in my portfolio.
+ I deliver the cover in the format you requested, within 3-4 days after the order is put (I’ll let you know an hour ago if I can’t meet your deadline).

What I need from you:
+ Book title and author name
+ Quotes, reviews etc.
+ Book summary (if any)
+ Format of your book (width x height)
+ Type of cover (paperback, ebook)
+ Barcode (if any)
+ Number of pages/words (just to calculate approx. spine width)
+ Or the spine width if you happen to know it.

Discount is offered depending on how many covers you’d need, or illustrations, series or sets etc. If you would be my long-term business friend in this writer + designer world I can do a stretch. It’s up to you! And me.

Work: For a workfolio, please see

Art: Or visit my artfolio on Artstation

Prints: Prints can be bought on Redbubble as well




I’m not affiliated with the following resources. But I’ve used them for my book cover shop, and they deserve to be mentioned:

More on word count, number of pages:

Excellent book template system and barcodes here:

Free and really good PSD mockups here:

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