Welcome!! I’m Denise HW & I’m a professional photographer, artist and graphic artist.

My premade designs regularly feature my own exclusive photography or artwork using watercolour, oil or acrylic. Paintings or photography for book covers, or any other purpose, can be commissioned.  You can contact me via any of my social media links below or direct at wallartunlimited@mail.com.


  • Standard size 1600 x 2400 px (6x9in) sent at 300 dpi & 72 dpi
  • Any other size available on request
  • Any changes to font, font size or cover
  • Any subtitles or taglines
  • My covers are only sold once and will never be sold again.  They stay exclusive to your book.
  • Full cover (front/back/spine) on request at an additional $45

Please provide your book title, author name & any taglines upon purchasing.  If you prefer to do the typography yourself, using your own fonts, I can send you the base image without text.





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