A Moment of Silence


E-book cover. Delivery: 6×9″(1800×2700 px) & Kindle size (1563×2500 px).

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A sci-fi, postapocalyptic e-book cover. Delivery: 6×9″(1800×2700 px) & Kindle size (1563×2500 px).

Small changes available in the price:

  • font change;
  • colours;
  • addition of 1-2 small objects;
  • basic changes to the character – for example hair colour.

Further changes are possible with additional payment.

The cover will be sold only once. It can be changed into a full cover (+$50) – ask me about it at marta.decc@gmail.com. You will receive several 3D mockups of your cover as a bonus.

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I’m a passionate graphic designer and illustrator specialising in book & print design. I have experience in working with both fiction and non-fiction books and preparing them for multiple publishing platforms. I create beautiful illustrations, eye-catching book covers and professional, elegant layouts for both print and digital publications.