A Witch Scorned, eBook cover


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Illustrated ebook cover based on my own watercolor and ink illustration, featuring one attractive and fatal brunette witch and her demonic cat familiar. The Cat has two scarred eyes that would be making  him blind if not for his third and vigilant eye – with which he is observing with interest the conclusion of a curse working .

This one will be perfect for darker shade of urban fantasy or for a peculiar story of witchcraft and curses.


Ebook size is 2500 x 1875 pixel.


Paperback can be commissioned to match for additional fee. Contact me at [email protected] for more information.

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I am an illustrator from Italy that absolutely loves work in watercolor and studied book cover design and illustration at The International School Of Comics.

All my book cover designs are based on illustrations I have made by hand for that particular design, so your cover will have an entirely unique look.