Augur Well


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The example shows a cover with the author name, title, a short review, and a logo.

The illustration of the Robot is painted digitally by me.

Dummy 5x8 inch softcover

Product Enquiry


Hi, my name is Ronnie Jensen. I’m a professional designer and have worked in the media industry for 30++ years. I also have a four-year Graphic Design education.

Design Studio
I also own a Graphic Design and Illustration workshop here in Norway called Tegnemaskin (~plotting/drawing-machine in English).

All genres
Here I display Sci-fi covers mostly, but there’s no reason for not doing a cover for another genre/ style. Just let me know!

Do I know my Onions?
I’ll leave it to your good judgment. Keep in mind that these are proposals to showcase my potential and level of skill.

I’ll cover you!