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This is a full print cover, but I’ll also deliver the ebook cover. For the print cover I’ll need book dimensions, page count, and page color (cream is slightly thicker than white), along with blurb and whatever else you need on the back cover. The final delivery will be a PDF file ready to be uploaded to Createspace.
If you don’t have your book formatted for print yet I can deliver a jpg file with blank spine and back, so you can fill them out yourself later.
No discount for ebook only.

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Product Enquiry

Please provide your book title and author name (and optional tag-line or other text) upon purchasing, and I will deliver the personalized .jpeg file to you. I’ll do up to three font/text changes, however I have no problem handing over layered files, so you can do the text at your own discretion. I’ll deliver files too large for email via fileconvoy (

Files are delivered at 1800×2700 pixels (6×9). Let me know if you need smaller sizes (same dimensions).

While most of the covers here are for ebooks,  I can create a print version for most of them for $25.

I also do custom designs. You can see my portfolio on DeviantART and find out details on my website.

Feel free to email me with any questions: