Burning Magic


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Currently Available. 3D mockups included with purchase.

This Cover is currently available as ebook-front cover image only.

$150 for ebook front cover.

A custom full cover wrap (back and spine) can be added for additional $50. Please message me with any questions.

First come, first served. Bought covers will be marked as SOLD on every site or group they’re showcased in as soon as a purchase is made and I can change the status.  Covers are only ever sold ONCE, (though, as an artist who uses stock resources I still claim the right to use some of the subject matter in other, completely different covers).

Upon purchase, please provide your book cover title and author name if you would like those to be changed, and I will provide you with the appropriately edited JPG and PNG files. Font style and font color can be changed upon request. Also, if instead you would prefer to do your own typography, I can send you the cover image without text.  You may also use the faux title on the book as your actual title, but please inform me if this is something you would like to do.

The purchase of this cover grants you the right to use it as many times as you see fit for personal and commercial use. My only request is that my company, Caffeinated Bookdragon Designs, is credited with the Cover Design on the copyright page of any finished book. This may allow other interested authors to find my work in the future. 🙂

You can find more of my Premade Covers and Custom work by joining my group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/CaffeinatedBookdragonDesigns/

(An official website for Caffeinated Bookdragon Designs is currently in the works.)

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Caffeinated Bookdragon Designs is run by Nichole Joy White.  The company itself was created in early 2020, though Nichole has been providing authors with cover art, fantasy maps, and book illustrations for nigh on 15 years.

Caffeinated Bookdragon Designs is dedicated to creating quality and affordable premade book covers as well as providing authors the opportunity to commission work at an affordable price.