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Mysterious, disturbing and creepy artwork! No CGI, no Photoshop, no stock photo.
This is an original painting, just like those you see on books, commissioned by major publishers!

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Art by Sv Bell.
Your book will stand out with this real, hand made traditional painting.
No CGI, no Photoshop, no stock photo.
This is an original painting, just like those you see on classic books by major publishers!

Fine art | Caseins on canvas (16 X 20″) ©2019 Sv Bell.

Perfect cover for horror, science thriller, supernatural and science-fiction!

«What do I get with this order?»

  •  High resolution scan for print and digital;
  •  Basic design, text and titles to match your specifications;
  •  Copy of the plain artwork without the text burned in.

«Can I buy the original painting?»

  •  Yes, original art is available for purchase. Email me for a quote!

«Can you design the spine and back cover for me?»

  •  Definitely! For a small fee I can handle all the graphics work for your book cover.

Product Enquiry

Sv Bell is an established painter, comic book artist and graphic designer.
«Since the late 80s, I’ve done illustrations for nearly a hundred heavy metal album covers from major record labels, and countless books and magazines covers. Pretty much all of them in the field of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Occasionally some corporate/advertising work, though this isn’t my cup of tea.

My paintings were part of numerous exhibitions and art shows in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and France. For more information, feel free to Google my name, please do. Lots of my stuff is posted all over the place…!»

By choosing a painting by Sv Bell for your book, you’re not just buying a nice cover. You also receive attention from all the people following his work for nearly three decades. That’s a lot of avid fans of horror, supernatural, sci-fi and fantasy!

Partial clients list
Nuclear Blast Records
Peaceville Records
Harper Collins
Music for Nations
Osmose Productions
Popron Video Czech
SuperChannel TV
Alten8 Video