Comes At Night


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Cover image is my original art, one-of oil painting on canvas (digitally sliced and spliced to fit book width). Moon, small boats at dock in background. Cat in foreground, wears around neck a red ribbon with Chinese coin. Night atmosphere of mystery. This cover could work for a human or feline adventure for adults or teens, or a mystery (again, either adults or teens.)

Resolution: 300 dpi.

Dimensions: 8.25 inches X 5.50 inches (21 cm X 14 cm) (2475 px X 16.50 px)

Text is suggestion of placement, font. Purchase without text or contact me to specify text/font/color (for example, you might like the placement for the author’s name but want a larger font size.)

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Product Enquiry

All photos and art imagery is original. No clip art. I’ll work with you to make design adjustments, create a custom design or insert text (title, author name, etc) in letter font and style to suit.