Creepy Hands


This is a highly contemporary pre-made book cover. The generous open space at the top balances greatly with the palms at the bottom. The overall mood is creepy and menacing, yet not gory. It’s all about conveying a subtle feeling of fear. So, this pre-made book cover is perfect for modern horror stories, paranormal, or even thriller/suspense.

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I’m the founder and main designer at I personally design all my pre-made covers, I do not outsource them. I do not take images randomly from the Internet because I respect copyright. I only use images from legal stock websites for which I pay—or paid—a subscription or a one-time fee. Sometimes, I use public domain images from well-established websites. I never limit the amount of images I use on my pre-made book covers, which means I use as many as I see fit.

For the given price, I will:

(1) customize the text on the front cover and make sure your title, subtitle, and author name fit my design (depending on the length of your text, I may need to change the typeface).

(2) create two front eBook cover JPG files for Kindle and Ingram Spark. These will be high resolution RGB based on the correct pixel size of the two platforms.

(3) provide two 3D mock-up files of your front book cover as it would appear displayed on a tablet and phone. The format of these files will be PNG with transparent background so that you can place them on any background you wish.

For an additional $50 USD, I will also create a print-ready full jacket. This includes:

(1) back and spine design

(2) text layout on the back cover based on the content you will be providing such as, your book’s blurb, testimonials (if any), your author bio and photo, barcode and ISBN#.

(3) two print-ready PDF files for Amazon and Ingram Spark based on the correct templates I generate on these platforms. These files will be 300DPI and CMYK.

(4) three 3D mock-up files of your full jacket cover: paperback, hardback, and hand-held devices (tablet and phone). These files will be PNG transparent background so that you can place them on top of any background you wish.

I also do professional book formatting and typesetting. Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you also need this type of service.