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Delivery is an original piece of art. The original art measures 19×19 inches and can be cropped to fit most any size cover.

Your Book Cover

All covers are samples of the final product. Font and text placement can be altered to better fit your title and book theme.

Once you have purchased the book cover is no longer available for sale, the artwork may, however, be sold to private collectors as prints.

Once you have purchased a book cover we will discuss any alterations that may be needed to the design to better suit you such as author or series information.

The book covers are front covers only if you want a wrap around art or a customized piece please contact me directly.

I do request if you print a book to send two copies of the book to me. One for myself and one for my model. If you don’t I will not come and hunt you down but I will not think about you at Christmas either.

Product Enquiry

I provide premade and custom book covers and art (in case you want to do your own cover design or use a designer). If you have any questions please let me know.

About Me

I’ve been an artist my entire life but for the last ten years, I’ve worked as a freelance commercial photographer. Then in 2018, I started merging my artwork in with my photography creating a totally different look to my work.

Today I own several businesses with my wife but this is my passion and what I give most of my time to. All the work here is created by me using either a photograph I took or my own illustrations. This provides you with a unique piece of art that you will not find on another cover.