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  • Following your purchase, we will need:

-Your book’s title and your name, along with an optional subtitle (assuming that there is an identified space for it on the cover. Meaning, if it wasn’t pointed out (e.g. QUOTE GOES HERE) on the posted premade, then your final version won’t have it. However, if you insist on having one, we may be able to find some space to add it for you.

-Your font and font color choice. Generally, we will change the font and it’s color upon request. However, please be sure of the font you’d like to use along with the color. The chosen font must be 100% Free or Public Domain. We’re all students; so as you would expect, we don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on designer fonts.

  • Rules regarding credits:

-We don’t demand that you, the author, put our names in the book. However, if you would like to credit the designer in your book, please tell us so we can give you the name of the person who made your cover.

-While we, ourselves, don’t demand credit – models usually do. Assuming that we have used a visible model (a silhouette does not count) in your premade cover, you will most likely have to give credit to the model used – which is usually done by simply giving his/her name in your book. If a model is used in the premade cover, we will typically give you the name(s) following the purchase.

  • Other miscellaneous information:  

-Once a cover is sold, it will be taken down (from this website along with our own) and never sold again. Our dignity and honor as designers wouldn’t allow us to sell the same cover twice – it just isn’t right.

-Please keep in mind, we will be selling our premade covers on here and on our website. However, the same rules still apply – once sold, it will never sold again. If a premade cover is bought through our website, it will be taken down on here and on there. If a premade cover is bought on here, we will take it down here and on our website.

  • Contact information:

-For questions or anything else, please don’t hesitate to email us with your question/problem/etc. You can email us at TheWorldWasQuiet@gmail.com.

-***Due to unforeseen circumstances, our website will be inactive for an indefinite amount of time. However, please contact our Facebook if you’d like a custom cover*** Facebook

We are looking forward to your business!

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We offer Premade ebook covers that typically veer towards a more dark, if not edgy, look. That being said, dark and edgy work in every genre, so don’t let that scare you off. :P