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Fear wrapped in anticipation is the kind of terror called ‘DREAD’.

Suitable for several different genres, from horror and paranormal to mystery, thriller, and suspense.

The title and byline treatment here is just a placeholder. Suggest what font and treatment you want when you contact me with your choice of title, byline, and, if any, subtitle and tagline.  

This image is set at 300dpi.  The eBook cover is sized at 1800px x 2700px.  I also include an Amazon-sized eBook cover, sized to Amazon specs of 1600px x 2560px. An e-reader promotional image is provided for free as a bonus for your use in promoting your eBook. 

  • Title, byline, and, if any, subtitle and tagline are customizable at no extra charge, including fonts, color, and treatment.
  • Price includes some limited customization, if desired. Query first about what’s possible.

Be sure to send your title, your byline, and any tagline you wish included, along with any other instructions when you purchase the image. 

pre-made book cover suitable for horror, paranormal, mystery, thriller, and suspense
pre-made book cover suitable for horror, paranormal, mystery, thriller, and suspense


The print cover option is included at no extra charge, should you desire it.  It is suitably sized for print books up to 6″ wide x 9″ high book.  If you want the print book cover, as well as the standard eBook, I will need to know your exact final page count, the kind of paper you are choosing, and the size of your finished book (up to 6″x9″). 


With orders that include the print cover, a three quarter view of your book is included for free for your promotional purposes.

Book Covers by Dawn
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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the product enquiry form provided.

What clients say about me:

“D. L. Keur is a renaissance woman for our times and an accomplished author in her own right. She also channels her considerable talent into designing book-cover art for other authors. Since she created the amazing cover-art for my Jena Halpern novel, Blood-Red Mist, I don’t approach new book-cover art without her. She has an innate design sense that brings together all the essential elements into a stunning work of art that grabs readers’ attention while telling a story—perfect. A joy to work with, I can’t recommend her enough.”Michael Allan Scott, best selling author featured on the NBC Daytime Show, 2019.

I have a certain look to the books covers I have for my mystery series, but as I finalize my most recent book — women’s genre — I needed something very different. I found Dawn Keur, who doesn’t do “canned” covers, but brings conceptual design to every project to make them stand out. Best yet? She works well with authors to bring a vague idea into something extraordinary and unique. And she’s affordable!” —Laura Belgrave, 2020

One of the easiest designers to work with I’ve used yet.  Her work inspires me to write more.” —Becky Smith, 2019

“I swear this woman has the patience of a saint.  I didn’t know what I wanted, but she kept working with me at no extra charge until she came up with something perfect.” —Thomas R., 2019

One of my latest book covers
One of my latest book cover creations.

book covers by D. L. Keur, dlkeur.com

Product Enquiry

A professional graphic designer since the late nineties, I retired for awhile to take care of my aging mother.  Mom passed, and I’m now picking up the reins again.

I build book covers for mainstream, literary, horror, paranormal, thrillers, suspense, mystery, crime, science fiction, dystopian, and non-fiction genres.  My natural style is minimalistic, conceptual, and abstract, using enigma, light, and shadow to best advantage to generate intrigue and stimulate reader curiosity, interest, and, yes, sometimes dread.

Images & Dreams, a book cover design by D. L. KeurI’ve done a lot of custom work, and most of it is recreating what the author visualizes in their mind rather than my own designs.  A few times, though, my designs win out.  Such is the case with the cover for the book Images & Dreams by S. Bradley Stoner.

Here’s a sampling of some of my covers.