Product Info:

 All typography can be changed at the author’s request.

 All pre-made designs are only available once and will NOT be re-sold again.

 All watermarks will be removed.

You’ll receive:

1. 3D mockup

2. Facebook banner

3. Coming soon graphic

4. Instagram graphics

5. Title text (.png)

6. Cover in a requested format 

This is an eBook cover available at $45.00.

eBook+ Paperback = $90.00

eBook + Audiobook = $70.00

eBook + Paperback + Audiobook = $110.00

eBook + Paperback + Hardcover = $130.00

eBook + Audiobook + Paperback + Hardcover = $180.00

• Contact us at redgempress@gmail.com if you also need a paperback, hardcover, and audiobook cover.

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Terms and Conditions:
• All covers are available as displayed and will only be sold once.
• If the client is not ready, the cover design will be held but the full payment must be done at checkout.
• All sales are final. No refund (Once the cover is sent with the title and author’s name).
• If you wish to credit the designer on the copyright page of the book, it must be credited following one of these ways:
1. Cover design ©Jaydeep Shah.
2. Cover design © Jaydeep Shah @ Red Gem Press.
• No changes should be made to the cover. If you need to make any changes to the cover in the future, you must contact us at redgempress@gmail.com.
• By purchasing the product, you agree to the terms and conditions.

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