eyes on the wall


“…in here..our apocalyptic world…society never have been so caring about one another…but the truth is…the world is watching..every single movement…every single breath, noise, even a heartbeat..never loose sight from them…because in here…the walls…can see everything…”

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all the book cover designs are ready for print and ebook.
size (WxH):
6×9 inch
1800×2700 px

additional fees start from $60 will be add for the following requests:
changing font and color
spine and back cover
add photo or bio, isbn code

please send the details when you order the design, such as book title, sub title, author name etc.
i will send you the final design in a .jpeg format.

if you have any questions, or need a custom book cover design, feel free to contact me at : nverlandart@gmail.com

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neverland ART

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