Fairy Tales


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A magical cover made for a book full of magical creatures and fairy tales (can be used for anything you like, of course).

  • 1024×1600 pixels, 300dpi (front cover)
  • full book jacket available (for extra 40$)
  • JPG, PNG included (+ PSD file available for extra 10$)
  • unique design (if you buy this cover, it won’t be used or sold anywhere else)

If you need a custom cover design or have any other requests, changes etc, I’m open to almost anything, just send an inquiry or email me: cleowinton@gmail.com.

Product Enquiry

I’m Cleo and as a passionate reader and writer myself, I adore books with awesome covers – after all, we really do judge the book by its cover, don’t we? I’ve worked as a professional graphic designer for over 3 years and I love to play with fonts and colours. I like to think outside the box and try new things all the time – but still keep in mind what works and what sells!
My favourite genres are fantasy, romance and thrillers but I’m up to anything and have already designed cover to pretty much every genre.

What I offer:
A unique and eye-catching cover for your book

  • Designs for eBook and print-ready full book jackets
  • 3D Mockups (great for advertisement)
  • Advertisement banners that boost your book sales

… and many more – just contact me: cleowinton@gmail.com or visit my site https://cleowinton.com/portfolio