Fates Above


Cover size: 1600 x 2400, can be resized once by request. Delivered in JPG format.

Font and font colour can be changed by request.

This cover will be sold only one time. Once sold it will be removed from this site.

Print version available for an extra $50.

1 in stock

Product Enquiry

Thank you for visiting DeAniege Designs.

We are just getting set up, but take a look through our covers and see if anything catches your fancy.

The text on the cover chosen will be replaced with your own. Our covers are made to be 2400 x 1600; other sizes can be created by request and at no charge. Some font changes are possible. Any other changes are for a fee. Wraps for paper books can be done. You will need to provide the size of the print book and page count.

If you’d like a custom cover, those can also be done by request.

If you have any questions, please feel free send an email to deaniegedesigns@gmail.com.

Because we live in Canada and use Canadian spelling, we do request you tell us which spelling you prefer. We will default to American for wraps unless told otherwise.

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