‘Fish Out of Water’ eBook/paperback, plus extras. Package deal.


A Little Mermaid retelling.

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This is a set package to include the eBook: 1500×2400 (5x8inches) 300 dpi, the print cover (made up to specific size required) a 3D mock up, tablet mock up, and a Facebook banner. The added bonus of the original composite for the cover design will be yours as well.

All fonts can be changed, and if you have a specific font in mind please let me know. This cover package is one-of-a-kind and will only be sold once.
Please send me the information required for the eBook cover, including title, author name, and series name/tagline. I’ll then format the eBook, 3D mock up, tablet mock up, and Facebook banner. Print book details will also be required: book size, page count, spine text, blurb etc, though if you aren’t at the print book stage, I can format it at a later date.

If you have any questions please contact me sarahhosken@icloud.com
More covers available at https://weftandweave.weebly.com
(please allow up to 24hours for a reply)



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Please contact me at sarahhosken@icloud.com 

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