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My name is Erica little, I am self taught freelance for 5 years in photo-manipulation. My world is dark and mysétieux also touching the magical fantasy and gothic romance. I discovered the digital end of 2010, so I moved in this field. My latest book illustration was published in a small edition of the editions of the little vault. « The dark works of Erica Small take us into a world worthy of the greatest classics of Heroic-Fantasy! » Wegotalent


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 Bullet; Red Your Illustration be sent in a Zip file sent via the website wetranfer. (The files are too large, it is impossible to send email)
 Bullet; Red You will receive the illustration 300 and 72 dpi. (For the web and print) in CMJN and RVB versions.

Bullet; Red If you want text on your book cover, thank you to let me know by email or through the site.

Bullet; RedThe prices vary according to the illustrations provided work. And also counted the 30% the Committee website.

Bullet; Red The Typography premades are changeable. If you want another typography, other than the one already used. Please contact me.
Bullet; Red  The dossier will also include credits used stocks.

Bullet; Red  the 4th cover and slice the book is inclued. Thank you send me a message before sending the file, you want to 4t cover and the spine of the book.

Not included in the purchase:

Bullet; Red Changes in the illustration is also not included in the purchase of the illustration. All modifications of the illustration itself is not free. The price is 190USD for changing illustrations.

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