Hot Shot


Military action thriller. A fighter jet flies overhead, against an explosion of red and orange clouds. This cover is especially appropriate for a novel with title words that can be stacked, but longer words will work as well: see the gallery. Please ask for a low-res example with your title if you’re unsure.

Size: 3125 x 4167 pixels, RGB format, suitable for publication as an ebook.

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Please provide your book’s title, series title (if any), your author name, and any other text you’d like on the cover. Allow 72 hours for turnaround. If you don’t have that information yet, I will send you the cover without it, and you can either put it on yourself or email me when you have it and I’ll edit it then.

You can make one free request for minor changes such as hair color, typography, adjusting the size/proportions, or adding existing series logos. Further requests, major changes, and additional services cost extra, payable in advance. Feel free to email me for a no-obligation quote or to ask questions.

Additional services available:

CMYK version of the image, suitable for print
Spine and back cover for print
Altering cover to be suitable for audiobook covers
Custom covers for future sequels or other books
Graphics featuring the book for Facebook ads and social media
Box set covers

All covers are unique, never to be sold again.

Product Enquiry

I am Augusta Scarlett. I make affordable covers for self-published authors. For an additional fee, I can turn any of these covers into a full print cover with a back cover and spine, and I can also create Facebook and other ads. For more information on custom covers, print covers, ads, or commissioning cover paintings, see my website at

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