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This is a painting, based on, but not too closely, a photo I took of a power plant along a river about an hour from home. The clouds were amazing that day. I had an art nerdy blast hand painting in the glow, especially on the lettering. So the subject matter is about clean lines and precision, the way i decided to create this cover was with hand drawn details, not precise but human. Perfect for your post modern dystopian story?

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Thanks for taking a look at my work!
This is a Pre-Made Cover
Little Hippie Mama Book Covers
It can be customized to fit your needs.

*The book within the book, that the model is holding, is customizable, just tell me what title you want on it. Keep in mind it will be tiny, so simple is better*

This is my original photo and art, not stock, so it will not show up on a hundred other covers!

Little Hippie Mama Book Covers are only sold once, each is unique for your book. You will never see another book on Amazon or elsewhere with the same cover!
Upon purchase, I will supply to you a high-resolution ebook cover in a size of your choosing.
Please send specifics for the book title and author’s name and any other text.
Other fonts and colors are available for title and author’s name.
I will include three rounds of minor changes on type, colors or layers.
More than three rounds of edits, well, we should talk 🙂

Price listed is for the EBOOK, if you want the spine and back for paperback, it will be an additional $40

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