Journey To Halloween Town (Paperback and ebook)


Illustrated fantasy book cover with a cute brunette witch with almond eyes carrying a magical jack o lantern and a bag of sweets, striding across a field and toward adventure. Perfect for both children fiction and a story meant for older audiences. 

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This Halloween inspired book cover is illustrated on two sides, back and front with my own original watercolors. It’s perfect for children fiction, but also for an Academy Themed Fantasy meant for a older audience.

Ebook size is  1875 x 2500 pixel, HR Image 400 dpi.

Paperback size is 23 x 15 cm. HR image 300 dpi.

Both can be adjusted to your specific needs with no extra cost. A quote/ blurb can obviously be added on the back too for no extra cost too.

If you are a publisher and minor changes to the design  are needed to add your logo and publishing company name, that too can be arranged for free.


You can contact me at [email protected] if you have other questions.


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I am an illustrator from Italy that absolutely loves work in watercolor and studied book cover design and illustration at The International School Of Comics.

All my book cover designs are based on illustrations I have made by hand for that particular design, so your cover will have an entirely unique look.