Knight in New York

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An East Asian woman poses with a blue magic sword and fire magic, New York City in the background.

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An East Asian woman poses with a blue magic sword and fire magic, New York City in the background.

The price includes me adding your title and name to the cover and minor touch-ups including:

  • Changing the font or font placement
  • Adding extra text (e.g., the series name or a praise quote)

File dimensions are 1800 by 2700 pixels, 300 dpi.

Within 48 hours of purchase, I will email you at your PayPal address. You can then let me know what changes you would like me to make to the cover.

Cover by The Illustrated Page Book Design.

The Artist:

  1. Declares she has obtained all proper rights or licenses for all images used in creation of the Work.
  2. Grants the Client exclusive use of the design for the purpose of a book cover and related promotional material.
  3. Retains the right to include the Work in her online portfolio or business promotion.
  4. Acknowledges she does not own or have right or title to the Book containing the Work, nor to receive any royalties on Book(s) sold, or derivative works containing the Work.
  5. Agrees to treat all information about the Book’s content as Confidential and not cause or permit such Confidential Information to be disclosed to any third party, until the book is published online by the Author.

The Artist hereby represents and warrants:

  1. She is the creator of the Work.
  2. The work does not infringe any copyright, privacy rights, or legal rights of a third party.
  3. The Work does not contain any unlawful material.

Third-Party Image Licenses:

  1. Select images are licensed under the Cheshire Studios License.
  2. Select images are licensed under the Deposit Photos Standard License.

The Client:

  1. May use the Book Cover Design as is, in any promotional capacity required, such as but not limited to bookmarks, banners, or posters.
  2. May not sublicense the work to third parties without Artist permission.
  3. Agrees to abide by all third party image licensing requirements.
  4. Agrees to contact the designer, Sarah Waites, once the cover sells 250,000 copies to discuss purchasing an extended license.
  5. Agrees to contact the designer, Sarah Waites, if they wish to create merchandise featuring the cover, to discuss purchasing an extended license for stock images.

Product Enquiry

I am a long-time artist and reader who has recently turned her ten years of Photoshop and fine arts training to cover design. Additionally, I have publishing industry experience, including internships with ABRAMS and Bloomsbury, and graduated from the Columbia Publishing Course in 2019. I am a passionate believer in diversity in all aspects of publishing, including cover art. In particular, I specialize in providing covers for the LGBTQ+ community, especially F/F covers.