Mountain Man Romance Cover


This high contract cover shows well at thumbnail size and is sure to capture the notice of browsing buyers.

Print and audio cover can be created for an upcharge of $49.99. Also marketing extras and cover reveal image are available for this cover.

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Please note:

  • Our design team will work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • We’re easy to work with. We understand you are the customer, so you should get to make choices. In fact, you should have it all your own way. We gladly modify fonts, colors, and design configurations. Want us to incorporate a specific design element? Just let us know!
  • All our images are interesting and cover worthy. We have an artistic eye. We’re open to suggestions, including using a customer’s image.
  • We offer a value line which is composed of high quality open source images. This keeps the cost of the cover very affordable.
  • We offer a premium line, created with high quality stock images. Designs are always $99.99
  • We enthusiastically offer up to 3 modifications free of charge. We charge a modest fee of $5.00 for further modifications. Our goal is really just to break even on modifications, and ensure excellent customer service.
  • We can create a print cover with this design for an up charge of $49.99. We also offer custom banners and marketing extras for a modest price.
  • We will deliver in any format, size, and dpi up to 300. Just let us know your needs.
  • Our design team checks all finished covers to ensure the titles are readable at thumbnail size and the image looks nice and clean. That’s extremely important in the world of e-book sales.
  • We include a fully editable photoshop document with your image, and each layer used to compose the document for a modest additional charge of $30.00. This is helpful for those who want to tinker with their own designs or perform slight modifications for a series of covers.
  • We deliver all premade covers in 24 hours. Custom covers can usually be completed and delivered in 3 days. Again our team is enthusiastic about creating covers. Take advantage of their passion to design by purchasing your favorite designs today. Remember once a design has been sold, it is gone forever!
  • Our motto is: If you’re happy, we’re happy.

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