Of A Half (Trilogy Series)



Available for EBOOK and PRINT (will incur extra fee).

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What You’ll Get:

  • 6×9″ inch (1800×2700 pixels) cover, 300 dpi – able to change size & resolution if needed
  • Ebook Cover Only
  • Paperback Version (Front, Back & Spine) available for an extra $90.
  • Image Format: .jpg + .png, unless specified otherwise
  • 3 rounds of revision – Small changes can be made like brighter overall image, font color, slight darkening of background etc.
  • Text Customization/Layout – title, subtitles (optional), author name, change layout of the typography etc. can be changed without using up revision rounds.
  • Watermark will be removed once payment has been made.
  • When placing order, please include your title, subtitle (if any), author name and if you need the cover’s size and resolution to change.
  • It’s fine if you don’t have a title or blurb yet for all the covers. Please keep the invoice as proof of payment (I’ll do as well) and you can email me once you have chosen or want to change the title, author name, taglines or blurb.

Anything that changes the majority of the cover’s graphics will incur extra fee per revision. Examples of major changes are image replacement, adding more elements, changing 50% of the image layout etc.

Once bought, the cover is solely yours and cannot be bought again. Do note that the finished product might be showcased as a portfolio piece so if you’d like to opt out, please include it in your order or email me!

You can email me at astoryscanvas@protonmail.com if you have questions or to provide me with details to finish the product.

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Freelance artist with a love for coffee and simplicity.

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