Planetary Wordage


A scenic cover perfect for science fiction!

Default size: 1500 x 2400 (5×8 inches)
Resolution: 300 DPI
Book format: eBook or front of print cover. (Full print wrap available for additional fee. See Seller Info for details.)

Price includes:
• Title and author name (send me these details)
• Series name and tagline (if requested)
• Cover artwork as is (watermarks removed)
• Typography as is

Minor changes to the design may be possible at extra charge (eg. font style/typography, item colour, etc.). Please contact me about possible changes.

Minor changes to the design = $5 per change (USD)

Once sold, this cover will be removed from the collection. If you need more than the default size, please send me the required dimensions.


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Ashborne Stardust Editing & Design


Notes about my pre-made covers:

• The title and author name will be changed to match your title and publishing name. I can add a series name and tagline should you want them.

• These covers aren’t meant to be customizable outside of the above details, though minor changes to the design may be possible at extra charge, such as font style/typography or item colour. Please contact me with questions. Minor changes to the design = $5 per change (in USD, via Paypal).

• No cover will be sold twice. Once sold, the cover will be retired from my collection.

• Contact me if you want a paperback version of the cover you purchase from me! I charge $50 for the full-wrap print design. (IMPORTANT: The print options are applicable ONLY to covers I’ve designed, due to legal reasons. Also, if you purchase an eBook cover from me originally, but then decide you want a print cover, too — even months later — let me know! The print option can be added any time for an additional $50, so long as it’s a cover I’ve designed.)

• The default cover size I’ll send you is 1500 x 2400 (5×8 inches) with 300 DPI resolution, in .jpg format. However, final files can be sent in whatever size and file type you need, for whichever platform you’re going to offer the book on: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and more. If you need more than the default size or format, please send me the required dimensions.

• Every cover design uses high-quality photos from official stock photo sites and licensed fonts.

• No, I cannot give you the work files or the source files. This is due to legal reasons.

• At this time, I accept payment only via Paypal.


If you have any questions or would like to set up a different project, contact me here by contact form or by email: [email protected]

For more about the services I offer, including custom work and other pre-made covers not available on this site, please visit my website. You can also contact me via Twitter.