Premade Planet Book Covers


You need the epic sci-fi book cover? This is a planet-centered cover design! You could say a new version of the previous one!

Unique Cover designed by Mark Lehoczki
This cover is available as an eBook or self print, and can be delivered according to standard eBook specifications (1600 x 2400 pixel) or standard print specifications (6×9,8×5 inches). Or other standard size.
I will deliver it on Yours e-mail.
You can change:
– Atmosphere color
– Water color
– Terrain Color
– Forest / Vegetation color

Please provide your book title, author, tag-line upon purchasing, and I will deliver the personalized file to you. If you prefer to do the typography yourself and use your own fonts, We can send you the blank image without text.
You can choose one font or font style from my other work.
You have free 3 small changes if You wish. We can do anything you want just ask!
I give You a license for unlimited use and resale!
Full cover (front, back and spine) You pay additional + 20$, more about Custom cover and
1-my own photography / 3D models, not Stock! (But if you send me, your picture, i change it!)
2-free pictures released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain.

I will not send source files. Artwork without text may be sent but additional fee may apply.
The cover may not be resold to the third party.
By purchasing this cover you agree to terms stated above.

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