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Short summary of the conditions:

  • 1 cover per buyer!
  • Please provide me with the following details: author name, title of the book and tagline (if applicable).
  • Give credit! To me as an artist, but also to the different stock providers of the artwork. You will receive a list with all stocks used. You can mention for the artist: Cover art by Evelyne Paniez,
  • Stock images come mostly from
  • The font on the premade book cover was used for the mock-up. This can be changed to a font of your preference. Please let me know which type of font you would to display on your cover. This is included in the price.
  • Want to use your own fonts? Just let me know.
  • Little adjustments can be made upon request, like little touches or a simple change of colours. For more complex requests, an extra fee will be charged.
  • Format ebook: The high resolution mock-ups have a format of 3200 x 4300 pixels. If you are in need of another format (for Amazon, Kindle, Wattpad), please inform me, so I can adjust the format.
  • Do you need a back and spine design? If you want to use one of my premade designs for a printed book, you can always ask me to design a back and spine design. An extra fee will be charged.
  • When will you receive your final cover? I will try to handle your request as soon as possible, but consider 3 working days to be sure. If this is not possible, I will inform you in advance (due to other workload and commissions).
  • You will receive a .png or .jpg upon your preference in 72 dpi for ebooks and 300 dpi for printed books.
  • I reserve the right to publish and showcase your art/ book cover in my own portfolio / website.


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