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This cover will be delivered as follows:

Cover size: 1410 x 2250 (Size can be changed to the client’s need )

Format: JPG (Format can be changed to the client’s need)

Upon order, please send me: book title and author name. And any other line of text you want to add.

1st change free of charge: If you want to apply any other change, like text placement and coloring, specify so.

2nd Change + $5 : If after the first change, you want to add or remove something a second time, there be an extra charge.

3rd Change + $10: A third change, after the two first in case you still want to add or remove things, will cost $10

EXTRA: Once you are happy with the cover, I can also send you (upon request and free of charge) a folder with miniatures of the same cover in different color styles so you can choose the one you like best.

NOTE: Once the cover is sold, it will be removed from the site.


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