Scourge of Lamashtu


Editable Title/Quote and Pen Name? ✔

Can change color in places? ✔

Can add another image (for extra cost)? ✖

Can change central/focal image and/or background? ✖

Email for any further questions.

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First and foremost, we are currently NOT ACTIVELY MAKING full book covers (meaning the back and spines.). We are only making book covers for Ebooks, sized to fit Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Please Visit THIS website to see the various sizes available. By default, we make all of our ebook covers in Amazon’s standard pixel dimension, 1563 x 2500. When purchasing a premade cover, we’ll adjust the text accordingly to your new title and pen name. If you would like to change the size and/or dimensions of your covers to another size, there will be an additional charge of $5.00 USD per new size, typically paid through Paypal. Be sure to mention this via the order form or inquiry prior to purchase.

We also make and welcome custom ebook cover orders. However, we do and will reject certain types of covers that we feel we are not capable of completing at a satisfactory level. We don’t feel right giving a client a half-ass’d piece of art just for the sake of making money. So, if you’d like to inquire on a custom cover, send us an email at either, and we’ll discuss details before going any further. 🙂

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We offer Premade ebook covers that typically veer towards a more dark, if not edgy, look. That being said, dark and edgy work in every genre, so don’t let that scare you off. :P