Seductive Love


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This ebook cover will be delivered to you in a 300dpi quality, you will receive it in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF and Photoshop PDF.

The cover can be edited (minor edits like hue/ saturation / adding a texture) without any further charge.

The text can be modified so that it can match the kind of font and style that you like, or it can be left as it is, if you like the current font and style, and your title, subtitle or blurb (if there is one) as well as your name will be added.

If you already have your own title style and just need the cover art, we can send it to you without any text whatsoever.

If you need this cover as a print cover, we can design that for you for a reduced price. Take a look at all our services (custom ebook covers, print covers, 3D covers, 3D boxed sets, banner and bookmarks and book publishing publicity packages) here:


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