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All you need to know… 🙂

  • Coversize ebook: 1563 x 2500 px. If different sizes are needed, just let me know.
  • Please send me your book title and author name as well as subtitle if there is one. A change of fonts is possible and free of course. Please note: All the fonts I use are licensed for commercial use. So I’ve got you covered here. 😉 I have a variety of round about 10.000 different ones to choose from. If you still want to use a special font, I have to insist that you buy a license and prove you did so. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Print version is possible. Please provide number of pages, book size and blurb (additional charge 25$). You do not have to decide immediately whether you want a print cover. The ebook cover is solely yours, hence you can get back to me any time and request a print file.
  • Please credit me and the image stocks I used. Thank you! 🙂

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Thanks for your interest. Glad you like what you see. :-)

I create covers for all genres. Please check out my website:

You are also welcome to view the site of our cover art community for dozens of different pre-mades by different artists. Enjoy!

I am also doing custom covers of course. Just talk to me and we’ll find a solution.