The final battle



-The sale price of page is only for use in paperback book
The full wrap cover is available for 6 x 9.
you can also promote in format ebook, along with the paperback book.
the price also includes the ebook and texts.

– All my covers are subject to the condition of some credits,
my name as cover artist and model name also
(In the case that the image contains photo of a model)
I will I will provide the names after purchase.

– This cover will only sold to one single customer.
when you buy this cover, it is removed from the site .

I will not send source files.
I can send the image without texts, but an additional fee applies.
The cover may not be resold to the third party.
By purchasing this cover you agree to the terms stated above.
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-Cover Design: Consuelo Parra




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I will not send the covers without texts.
I will send the image with the title and name of the author that you request me.
If you just want the artwork without texts the price will increase.
The cover may not be resold to the third party.

– If you have any others questions contact me:

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