The First Horse


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Good Line Designs offers this design for use as an eBook cover. The dimensions are 6 inches x 9 inches (1800 x 2700 px) with a resolution of 300 dpi. It can be modified to the dimensions you need for your publishing platform.

It can also be modified for a print cover (front cover plus spine and back cover) for an extra $70. Space can be added for your ISBN bar code on the back and any author photos or text blurbs. Let us know your publishing platform and number of pages. Image cannot be changed.

Price list: $100 eBook cover.

An eBook and/or print cover mock-up can be made to show off your cover for social media at no additional charge.

To comply with legal use issues, we use paid standard license stock images from Shutterstock (up to 500k of use). If you’d like to change the font we’ve used, just let us know on the checkout form or at Covers will not be sold without text.

This is a unique cover and will not be sold to anyone else once you purchase it. See our other book covers at

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Good Line Designs offers diverse premade and custom made book covers.

Supplied: EBOOK cover is 6″×9″ (which is 1800 px x 2700 px) and 300 dpi size. Excellent screen resolution.

JPEG format.

Print versions of book cover cost extra. See our website at to view more covers or use our contact form to ask about custom made book covers.

Fast turnaround. One of a kind cover.

Note: With this purchase, you agree not to sell this cover to anyone else. It is a one-of-a-kind cover design made by If requested, we will provide you with the proofs of the shutterstock images we purchased to use in the creation of this cover. For copyright requirements, we disclose that these images were purchased under a standard license (see for more details). If your book sells more than 500,000 copies, you must purchase an enhanced license through