THE GATE KEEPER+ 1 3D book cover mockup (book or e-reader)


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PREMADE COVERS: How does it work?


The text presented in this illustration is just there for the presentation.

It will be replaced later by the illustrator, according  the information given by the author.

You can also buy me an illustration for a printed cover. But the procedure is different because the technical requirements are different.

Please contact me, so that I can check the feasibility and provide you with a quote.


1) You want to buy me a premade cover? Please send me an email:

2) -Let us take a Creative contact.

After payment (Paypal), in order to complete your coverage, I need to know:

– Title of the book.

– Author name.

– Series name or additional information.

– Format of your book.


-Do you want to keep the font of the model?

-Are there other changes to make?

-Do you want full coverage?
Full coverage involves extra work and cost. I will send you a quote afterwards.



– Full payment in advance, via Paypal.

-Each premade cover is sold only once. So you have unique cover.

-No modifications on Premade covers, except the font and your editorial information. You can ask me for a quote for a personalized cover.

-The price is for a cover in JPEG format in 72 DPI.

For a cover for paper printing, please contact me for a quote.

-A refund for Premade coverage is not possible. Thank you for your understanding.

-2 Revisions are included in the price. Any additional revisions will be charged 20 Euros per revision.

-You can choose another font. Please choose it free of rights and tell me the name of the site and the police.

-Delays: On average 1-3 working days.Delay not contractual.


-I do not provide original files such as Photoshop files with layers. Thank you to check in advance with your printer the technical requirements and if he has the possibility of printing from a PDF file. Thank you for sending me all technical requirements for printing.


Creditation: Please mention when publishing your book:


“Cover art by Arnaud le Gall,”


Copyright: You buy a book cover (prefabricated or personalized), you buy the right to “use” the work of art, within the limits of use of what it was designed for, and not the copyright in the illustration itself, which does not include the right to decline and distribute the illustration for other uses. The ownership and copyright remains mine. If you want to use the illustration and cover for promoting your book, for example, please contact me to ask for permission and I will quote you for the new usage rights. I can also produce this promotional material for you. Contact me.


Questions, want to submit a project to me?

Do not hesitate to contact me. See you soon!


I can realize to you illustration E-book cover, printed book cover, magazine or album publications, games, or your CD covers, etc. I can also produce your material promotion for your books (internet banners, 3D cover presentation model …)

Questions, a project to submit to me? You can contact me by clicking on the link below: