The Hill Castle



Please include book title and author name. A personalized .jpeg will be delivered to you.

The book covers come in a standard 6×9 inches (1800x2700px) and a 300DPI. Book cover size can be adjusted upon request.

If you are looking for minor changes with the design or typography please contact me before the initial purchase of cover.   I can add up to 3 revisions that include for example (Color scheme, elements, typography, etc) upon final delivery.

A source file will not be delivered and the cover cannot be resold to a third party.

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Dimensions 15.24 × 22.86 cm

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Musician, Graphic Designer, VFX artist, photographer, video/cinema specialist, and more. Years of experience with logos, movie posters, and book covers. Focuses are Thriller, Crime, Suspense, Intense, etc. Very reliable source for projects and designs.