The Russia Hack


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Spy Thriller or Hi-tech SciFi cover, featuring Russian Eagle against a hi-tech flag background.

Unless you request a different size, your ecover will be emailed to you as 1600×2560pixels (sized for Kindle), RGB JPG in 300 dpi. Please allow 48 hours for turnaround.

  • Upon purchase, please send me the book title and author’s (pen)name in your message.
  • If desired, 3 rounds of text font/color changes are included in price.More than that will be charged for.
  • Changes to underlying graphic design will be charged for, depending on time and work required.
  • Watermarks are removed before delivery.
  • If you don’t have a title yet, but want to secure a cover, that’s OK. Purchase it, and I will reserve you the file as it stands; when you have a title just get back to me and I will change it for you.
  • Should you be fortunate enough that your book sells more than 250,000 copies, YOU will be required to buy the necessary extended licenses for any/all stock images used in the making of this cover, in order to comply with copyright laws.
  • Full wraps for paperbacks, including the cover, spine, and back are usually available for an extra $60, payable in advance via PayPal, which includes 3 rounds of changes. If you like my work but don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, you can commission custom design work, starting from $200 for ecover, $250 for full wraps. For example, most covers can be adapted for a further series of books.  Please contact me with all enquiries at :  mmrainey dot creative at gmail dot com.

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