The Woman and Her Pen


– 1600 x 2500 pixels
– 300dpi

Please read my T&Cs below before purchasing.

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Changes to the following will be free by default:
– Font type
– Removing a detail, so long as it doesn’t change the overall outlook
– Size of the cover (due to quality reasons, the size can only get smaller)
Charges will apply for other kinds of details. e.g. Additional stock image required
Feel free to ask!

If nothing is requested in your note to me at checkout, I will assume that the original design is what you want, and that further changes are not necessary. Please include the title and author’s name in the note to speed up the process.

For a full book cover, send an enquiry to Product will come premade as well, made by order (will take approx 1-2 days). An additional charge of USD30 will be added on top of the amount paid for the premade front cover. Payment can only be made through Paypal. Terms of changes stated above apply.

By purchasing, you agree to my terms and conditions:
– Copyright of the original photomanipulation art still belongs to me.
– Client must credit me (Elaine Aneira) as the designer inside their book.
– I am allowed to display the finished work as part of my portfolio.
– Refunds are not accepted.
– Once the final cover is sent to the Client in its original dimensions, no further major changes can be made.

Product Enquiry

I’m Elaine, a digital artist from Singapore. Besides drinking tea, being in the company of my houseplants and reading books, I also enjoy seeing my imaginations come to life through photomanipulation art. For enquiries on a custom-made book cover, feel free to send me an email. I’d be more than honoured to aid your efforts in bringing your book to completion.

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