The Woman Under The City (Free 3D Cover + Online Promotional Materials)

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The cover comes in three variations as shown in the gallery. Author will receive all the three variations upon a confirmed purchase.
If needed by the author, a subtitle can be added to the cover.

Finished cover will be send to the author within 48 hours.

Upon request, the author can order a spine and back-cover for an additional $15.

If you have any query, contact us at

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Marlie (pronounced /mah-lee/) is a little virtual shack run by two people with a few not so little

dreams. Martin (a.k.a Marticus when he feels like a demigod) is an aspiring ‘book cover makey’

person currently taking his baby steps. He swears by his pinky that the content he pieces together

will be earnest and he hopes that somewhere within all those patterns and shades, he can leave

behind a little reflection of his existence on this puny planet.

On the other hand, Lillie, a Lilliputian in stature, is a self –assumed turtle who loves to talk. You

may often have to encounter her relentlessly consistent rants such as this one right here. She

thinks she’ll stop now.
But before I forget, hello there!
We’re glad you’re here.
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