Three-Book Series: Gunpowder Fantasy, Pirate, Steampunk or Western Trilogy


Swashbuckling heroines with flintlocks! A trio of book covers, also with variants suitable for pirates, gunpowder or flintlock fantasy, steampunk, Western or Weird Wild West genres! With ebooks and paperback covers, and promotional graphics of a box set, and the front covers of the books.

Size: 3125 x 4167 pixels, RGB format, suitable for publication as an ebook and of a size to allow for cropping into whatever dimensions you need for whichever store you sell on.

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I challenged myself to create variations of a base cover in several genres, then couldn’t decide which variant to offer here. So you get to decide which one you want! Choose the variant you’d like and we’ll use those to create your covers. Needless to say, I won’t be selling the others–your covers will remain unique.

Each cover has a lovely woman with a corset, a flintlock, and an attitude. She stands in front of an appropriate backdrop. The Western/Weird Wild West variant features dusty landscapes and ghost towns. The pirates fly the Jolly Roger, and behind the flag is either a galleon’s cannons, a sextant and some coins, or a treasure chest. The gunpowder fantasy/flintlock fantasy cover backdrops feature a bridge, castle, and tower under attack and on fire. The steampunk covers feature design blueprints of airships and retro trains, with a sprinkling of gears and other props for flavor. The back cover of each book features the backdrop the woman is standing in front of on the front cover.

The models are composited from multiple images and are therefore unique.

For these covers, I can easily make these adjustments for free:

  • shift overall color schemes slightly
  • change fonts and font treatments
  • change eye colors
  • change hair colors (to an extent–dark brown to blonde is difficult)
  • swap backgrounds around from cover to cover
  • change the way the series title is displayed

Adjustments I can make for a fee:

  • Change the models’ heads for another to match your heroine (requires finding a photo with the correct lighting direction)
  • Create new backgrounds

Please provide your book’s title, series title (if any), your author name, and any other text you’d like on the cover. Allow 72 hours for turnaround. If you don’t have that information yet, I will send you the cover without it, and you can either put it on yourself or email me when you have it and I’ll edit it then.

You can make one free request for minor changes such as hair color, typography, adjusting the size/proportions, or adding existing series logos. Further requests, major changes, and additional services cost extra, payable in advance. Feel free to email me for a no-obligation quote or to ask questions.

Additional services available:

CMYK version of the image, suitable for print
Spine and back cover for print
Altering cover to be suitable for audiobook covers
Custom covers for future sequels or other books
Graphics featuring the book for Facebook ads and social media

All covers are unique, never to be sold again.

Product Enquiry

I am Augusta Scarlett. I make affordable covers for self-published authors. For an additional fee, I can turn any of these covers into a full print cover with a back cover and spine, and I can also create Facebook and other ads. For more information on custom covers, print covers, ads, or commissioning cover paintings, see my website at

Any cover you purchase from this site will belong exclusively to you, and will not be sold to anyone else.