Trip Down Hunter Road


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This eBook cover is perfect for a Thriller, Adventure, or a Mystery novel! Once it’s purchased, the title, author name, and tagline will be deleted to be replaced with yours. In order for me to do this, it would be great for you to include the following in your order:

  • Book Title
  • Tagline/subtitle (optional)
  • Author Name (or Pen name)
  • Any other additional information

My goal is to get covers to customers within 72 hours of purchase. If this will not be the case, I will let you know. Any alterations regarding the font, color scheme, and text placement are free of charge. Sometimes I will be able to alter other things as well, like model or background, but it depends on the cover so please ask before purchasing!

Additional Information:

  • This cover is 1600 x 2560 px, JPEG and 300 DPI. (This is with Amazon’s Kindle Requirements in mind but I can change them to suit your needs)
  • This cover is eBook only. It can be made into a paperback cover for an additional $15.
  • Please know that color and size may look different from screen to screen. This is due to electronic devices not having the same resolutions and settings across the board.
  • Also, please keep in mind that while I have done my best to create a unique custom product, the images and resources I have used are CCO. I can’t promise that someone else won’t have the same model or that it won’t be similar to another cover down the road made by a different designer. I always try my best to make a quality product you’ll be happy with, regardless of this.

If you have any questions, please email me at!


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