This premade ebook / paperbook cover is perfect for a young adult horror dystopian paranormal romance fantasy series.

Minor changes (color, fonts, etc.,) can be made upon request. Substantial changes will be charged at custom cover rates.

Please contact me with your author name, title information, subtitle, tagline or blurb and you’re on your way to another book published!

I can also design a paperback book and promotional tools for your title for an additional charge. Please message me for details.

Happy Publishing!

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Product Enquiry


Please email me your title and name / pen name and any other pertinent information.

For paperback books, please contact me for fees before purchase.

I can accomodate minor changes in design and typography. Please contact me. I can make several small changes without charge, after that there will be a $15 fee.

For further enquiries, please email me at cyn city querious @ gmail.com.