Wife of an Immortal Bride, F/F Fantasy


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A woman in medieval clothes and a woman in armor embrace in this fantasy/historical cover.

The price includes me adding your title and name to the cover and minor touch-ups including:

  • Changing a model’s eye color
  • Changing a model’s hair color
  • Changing the font or font placement
  • Adding extra text (e.g., the series name or a praise quote)

File dimensions are 1600 by 2560 pixels, 72 dpi.

Within 48 hours of purchase, I will email you about what changes you would like (most importantly, the title and author name). After that, I will send you the finished files in .jpg and .png formats.

Third-Party Image Licenses:

  1. Select images are licensed under the Deposit Photos Standard License. Terms of this license are not limited to but include:
    1. Unlimited digital reproductions (ebook copies) and 500,000 print reproductions of the Work
    2. The image can be used in digital and print media, including ebooks and printed books.
    3. Use of the image is prohibited for resale items where the image is a fundamental part of the work. This includes prints, wall décor, t-shirts, mugs and other such items.

Product Enquiry

I am a long-time artist and reader who has recently turned her ten years of Photoshop and fine arts training to cover design. Additionally, I have publishing industry experience, including internships with ABRAMS and Bloomsbury, and graduated from the Columbia Publishing Course in 2019. I am a passionate believer in diversity in all aspects of publishing, including cover art. In particular, I specialize in providing covers for the LGBTQ+ community, especially F/F covers.