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Quality of image is 300 dpi.

This is a front cover only. Should you happen to be printing/publishing your book in physical format and want to be provided with a spine and a back cover, additional charges shall apply.

If interested, please let me know the title of your book, your name, and the subtitle to be put (if you choose to put a line on top). Please allow a turnover time of a few hours to a day upon sending of email invoice in case of timezone differences.

Thank you!

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Maia is the brain behind oeuf créatif.  She is a freelance graphic designer by mind, but a reader by heart who has the affinity for design and aesthetics. She wants to pay it forward by making cover templates for independent authors to easily choose from that he author feels best expresses the essence of their book/s. If she’s not creating new covers, she can be found sitting on the floor playing with her dog, or in front of the oven waiting for the latest batch of brownies to cook.

Find her freelance work here.