If you're a graphic designer with a flair for creating eye-catching book covers, we would love to hear from you! Sell your covers with us and we'll pay you 90% of the sale price. You can set the sale price yourself. Simply tell us how much you want to sell each cover for below.

Why sell with us? gets visitors every day who are interested in buying premade book covers. We only sell covers on a one-off basis, so once your covers have sold, they won't be sold again. This ensures that each customer gets a unique book cover.

What do you have to lose? Start selling your book covers today! All we need is the .PSD file for each cover you want to sell.
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  • For each cover you wish to sell, please upload a .PSD file, as this is what we will send to the customer in the event of a sale. We will generate a .JPG from the .PSD to display on our site. Or you can upload your own .JPG. It's up to you.
  • If there's anything else you feel we should know, please tell us here.